Formed by a group of friends back in the early 2000's Diaspora Sound was initially a production team, gleaning its name from the ancestral descents of each participant including African, Jewish, Puerto Rican, Caribbean islanders  all of which are now diasporic peoples.

Diaspora Sound made its record label debut with the release of its first 12 inch in 2007 with the classic instrumental Youth Eclipse and the hauntingly brilliant original version of Long Day.

As the members drifted apart the concept of the label became lost but has now been resurrected by Michael Bijan of the Quiet Is Kept as the Diaspora Sound Record Label. This concept of a diasporic sound could never be separated from the writing style of the groups principal songwriter, and the core feeling of a people without a homeland resonates greatly within the sound of the Quiet Is Kept's new album entitled Seance.